Hello! I'm Richard, CMT, the Gentle Giant (6' 6 1/2"tall) with huge sensitve, caring, nurturing, healing hands. I have years of massage experience and treat each client as a friend. I use the Swedish style of massage with some intuitive work included. Each massage is PERSONALIZED to the clients' preferences and needs: light, medium or firm pressure. Special areas of tension are addressed individually. You are nurtured by advanced therapy massage gel (hypoallergenic) which is very nourishing to your skin and leaves you feeling soft and smooth. It is non-scented. Massages are given in a warm quiet studio on a professional heated table with comfortable, adjustable face cradle. Soft music, and low lighting create the perfect environment for maximum relaxation! Men of color, and older men are especially welcome. Most ads seem to exclude them. for appointments not needing immediate attention. If you see me online, "IM" me and we can "talk". Visiting the area on business or vacation? Treat yourself to some "ABSOLUTE BLISS"! Appointments are available six days a week from 8 AM, with the last massage beginning by 10 PM; and Sundays from 3 PM to 10 PM . Special arrangements can be made for other scheduling needs


Details: Each session is tailored to your personal needs and wishes. Most clients prefer an hour and a half,an ever increasing number want TWO hours and some even beg for longer! They say it is too good to stop!

Rates: A massage  is only $80.00 per hour [$120.00. for 1.5, etc]. As they say, "Do the math!"
Discount for students 18+ [with proof]
Hours: 8 AM to 10 PM Monday thru Saturday & Sundays 3 PM to 10 PM
New Clients--ask about "BE-BACK-BUCKS!"
"Fabulous and great don't cover it....its ABSOLUTE BLISS!!"
"You sure do know how to make a client feel pampered and special!!"
"It was well worth the drive!" (a San Jose client)
"You are everything you said and MORE!"
"I just melt in those wonderful huge hands!"
"I've had many massages but this is the best......!"
"You have a gift of healing touch"
"Your sense of exactly what I needed and where was perfect!"
I've had many incredible experiences with Rich.  I always leave relaxed and refreshed.  I always feel like I get more for my money.  He always makes sure that I am comfortable and my stress areas are addressed.  And I really like his background music!
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 4.5; Overall 5.0

This is my first review here.  I have seen Gentle Giant- Richard's ad here for a while but was drawn to check him out based on the other reviews I saw here.  Man, you guys were right.  His hands are magic, and the way he uses his incredible strength so skillfully. When I was finished and for several days afterwards I truly felt like I had been on vacation.  The ways he stretched my body were so incredible and I felt loosened up all over, relaxed and rejuvenated. I was exhilarated for the rest of the day, my head was so clear with my body tended to.  I can't recommend Richard enough.  He has a great personality but makes it all about you, giving you all of his attention. Everything described on the website is accurate, easy to get to, clean, private, calm atmosphere, professional.
Technical 5.0 Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 5.0; Overall 5.0

Richard, is without a doubt, the best Masseur I've had in my life...and that is 58 years.  I've gone to many Masseurs in my life and have had varying results.  His technique  is perfect for my body and he intuitively seems to know when to press harder or softer and it is just right. I asked for a deep tissue massage and he gave me a perfect massage! I will be returning to him for years to come!
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 4.0, Overall 5.0

It was a genuine delight to meet Richard and experience his massage therapy first hand.  As described he is a big guy and really had the power to manipulate me in a completely soothing and rejuvenating manner.  His innovative stretching techniques were phenomenal, like no other I have ever had. At all times he was very concerned about my comfort and needs.  I left feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.  In good hands indeed.  I look forward to future sessions with him.
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0 Ambiance 4.0; Overall 5.0

I have been a client of Richard's for four years.  His an intuitive healer whose massages are extraordinary.  He has the ability to feel the problem areas before I tell him - and I always leave feeling super relaxed.  Richard is gentle, caring, competent and fun. You will not be disappointed!
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 4.0; Overall 5.0

Thanks again for a great massage.  Sorry about having to count out the pennies, but it was worth every one of them.
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 5.0; Overall 5.0

I went to Richard for the first time a few days back, and was delighted with the massage I got. He was thoughtful, attentive, and sensitive to my wants and needs.  I am 6'10" myself, and he was able to manipulate me in a very relaxing and satisfying way.  I would definitely recommend his work.
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 5.0 Overall 5.0

Of all the massages I have received in my lifetime, yours is by far the most unique and enjoyable. I appreciate your kindness and professionalism.
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 5.0; Overall 5.0

Convenient East Bay Location, Warm and
Welcoming Studio, Great Music.
No Pain...No Pain. A highly-skilled, well-trained masseur with tremendous intuitive powers.  Excellent stretches by this big and powerful man who really understands how the human body is put together, a gifted healer and a kind, warm, generous and gentle soul. I've been training to run a marathon and make it a point to visit Richard after each long run-nothing like it- and these are things you just can't do by yourself!
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 5.0; Overall 5.0

I went to see Richard for the first time last week, and it will certainly not be my last visit.  I've been looking for a regular massage therapist for a long time and I've finally found my match! Richard has an amazing combination of great technique, nurturing touch, and a wonderful energy. He did wonderful deep work to sooth my sore muscles and made me feel AMAZING with his sensitive touch.  He is a truly caring and kind man tht made me feel completely relaxed and safe. I was a massage therapist for 8 years full-time and had a very successful practice.  I've always been picky about massage and get massage quite often. This is the first time in years that I've found someone I really want to stick with.  I can't wait to have Richard's huge, caring hand taking care of me again!
Technical 5.0; Comfort 5.0; Ambiance 5.0, Overall 5.0